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  •  ALL of our products are nature, 100% organic, free of mouldy or any bad smell and free of any insecticide.
  • Cleaned very well from all impurities such as leavs, straws...etc, and 100 % clean from any possible contaminant source such as insects (dead or alive), or infection caused by rodents.


  •  All packaging material are available as required
  • Our carton boxes & paper bags are 100% Recyclable
  • Our Sealing bags are made from LDPE
  • Packing date is printed on each package once it's sealed
  • All of our products are stored in CLEAN, CLOSED, COOL, and DRY stores.


We take care and supervise ALL producing processes from sowing to transporting.


  • All shipping methods are available (Air & Sea Transport)
  • All containers are available: (TEU & FEU), (FCL & LCL)
  • All Costs of in-country handling are included in given product's price.
  • We deal with the most efficient shipping carriers.


As we are supplier of raw material, we are considered one of the most important parts in supply chain, therefore, compliance with sustainable development has become one of our top priorities and responsibilities.


  • Freight will be shipped out within 30 days (Max) of order.
  • The estimated delivery time of your freight depends on which port the freight is directed to


GP FOOD Co is active company in the field of processing flour, pistachio and saffron, we are trying to provide fresh and healthy products.


NEGIN not only is the highest aroma and coloring power among the other kinds but also its volume is higher.
Negin Saffron
This kind of saffron is really pure and without style so it is completely red.
It has very high coloring power.

This kind of saffron contains filaments which have 2 or 3 mm style.Due to the presence of style, its aroma is high.

This kind of saffron consists of both, style and red-colored stigma. The red part along with the style are placed on each other and tied by a string.

It is the yellow or white parts of saffron threads which are separated from Redcolored stigma.



Our products are completely pure and we do not add any additive or preservative to them and nutrients won't be lost.

about us

GP  foodWe Are Saffron Producer
we are trying to provide fresh and healthy products.
We are ready to provide our customers with high quality products at reasonable prices to make you our loyal customer .loyalty, satisfaction and good relation are main factors for our team .We need to provide you with healthy products as this promotes a healthier society which benefits all.Our products are completely pure and we do not add any additive or preservative to them and nutrients won't be lost.
On the other hand we check the soil in laboratory to add nutrient if needed.

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