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We are the oldest Saffron company on the Web That is why customers trust our service and quality. Serving happy customers all over the Qatar since 2010.

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What is Saffron

Saffron is a plant with the scientific name of Crocus Sativus from Iridaceous family which is composed of a bulb as its root with violet and purple petals. Inside the flower are three stigmas which happen to be the source of the most precious spice in the world. In order to produce one kilogram pure saffron we'll need 4300,000 picked stigmas which are derived from almost 160,000 flowers.

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About Us

Gulf Pearls Food company's products are mainly saffron which are known to be the oldest agricultural products of Iran and Spain. This company was registered by Mr. Faraz Karimi begin the manager in 2013 and has started its overseas activities ever since. The major objective of the company is to establish its offices in the target countries and to provide its consumers with ideal saffron with the best quality and suitable price. The first branch of the company's offices has already been established in Doha Qatar which is already become active. The other branches are also about to be established and opened due to our already-running deliberations.

Saffron A to Z

Saffron is sold in two forms, powder and threads, and each behave very differently in the kitchen.In order to understand commercial saffron, it is important to understand the make-up of the saffron plant. More importantly, it is the easiest way for you, as a consumer, to be sure you are buying good saffron.